Open questions

Sometimes I wonder whether or not God cares.
Does He see my situation?
Does He hear my prayers?
Does He hear my heart cry?

Oh! I know my problems don’t matter and they are not of any importance. Because if they are important then I have a lack if faith or I am weak.
Any who I know the Word and my heart is not in the arena of faithlessness. I just have many questions, but it’s without answer, because if I bring it up. I am either complaining or oh! You don’t have faith.

So while The Lord is Silent because I am going through a test. Hope is not in doubt so I rebuke the spirit in Jesus, and keep my mouth shut. Only to open to speak words of life.

Maybe it’s good that I have no one to talk to because then my opinions don’t get thrown in my face. Job asked many questions during His test and I hear people say that he wined and complained too much. Was it the question or the rehearsal of what He was going through. That made people even now judge Him. They didn’t judge Jesus because he kept His mouth shut. Oh! When you do that your are called stuck up! And indifferent or you are judging. Which is so hypocritical since they judging you for being silent.

When praises go up blessings come down, when mis-judgements go forth what happens?

Anyway I am done letting loose