My frustration comes from a place:

My Children. Right-now belong in a better place, and that place is with their father. He is more stable than I am, that’s what I call sacrificial love. There were days when I didn’t have it to give to them, I miss waking up to there foolery in the mornings. My God is sufficient and I believe He will continue to take care of me and them.

People don’t understand my reasoning, but that’s ok I do. I hate depending on people, I hate them throwing things back in my face like whatsoever you have God isn’t the one who gave it to you.

One day all shall see my reasoning, I remember feeling as if my heart was cut into a million pieces. When you love 4 vessels that came out of your womb without anesthesia and people wanna tell you what love or lack thereof you have for them.

There was times my heart bleed, no car, no phone, no money, no place and no cooperation from family. Just cold shoulders and whispers behind close doors. My family did it so why should I expect any different from you, why would I have hope because you name the name of Christ.

When in actuality judgements are here, verdicts are drawn and gavels are slammed stating case closed. Because my need is more prevalent than yours, sacrifice your family once again, whisper and lie once again while you ask for me to uplift and edify you, pray for yours.

When consistently you and your seeds are the ones dividing and conquering mine. But not knowing that all is not as it appears and unless you have walked a day in my shoes, who are you to cast stones.

I have been told to sacrifice when I have sacrificed much this is not the first family but the 4th where I had to continue in this plight.

When will it end?
When I refuse to jump to there rope and dance to the beat of their drum. Invoking a consistent heavenly call.
Truth be told it’s not easy to walk with a Holy God who requires holiness and truth, Selah

Don’t ever pass judgement on those that sacrifice in the name of what’s best.

Example the other day i had provision to see them but in actuality I didn’t wanna do it again 31 days of bliss and then nothing MIA for the next 31 days.

The day will come when I will be able to be consistent and all that pass judgement will eat their words.

For in life there are mountains, valleys and deserts.

Father give me strength to learn and be still and know that you are God.


When I grow up…

A Belief in a higher power is what gets some through, knowing that He has a plan for us from the beginning. But this post is not about me so sit tight and let’s look at some one else…

You see the beautiful baby above isn’t she cute, adorable, fearfully and wonderfully made by our creator, but will she ever know? Will she always aspire to physical self improvement, buying the stereotypical shifts, myths and beliefs. Dreaming for a look, a way of being and doing that may never be a attainable.

Will she press fearlessly into that realm of perfection?

By Lightening her skin or by getting breast implants? Justifiably so she says stopping at butt shot alley, lypo-suction median while defending never ending sagas of breast morphs is.

Does she say I will never be enough, never light enough, never big or small enough?
Does she say I refuse to stay this way or that way?
Do we say it doesn’t really matter? As women we all have our hang ups. No matter the race, ethnic group or variety we all still bleed to the finish line of I wanna be perfect!!!

Jane "I wanna be you" big lips, but thick in the hips.

Josephine "I wanna be you" straight hair with a pointy nose.

How can God win?

He screams from His throne of beauty. My daughters are made to perfection, each one created for my glory because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Your hair is your glory.
Your nose hand picked. lol
Your eyes set as original design.

Everything about you screams divinity. You are not to be compared, not even the finger print on your hands can be duplicated.

I have your names printed on the palm of my hands but then you decided that what I have made is low grade, when I declared all the way from hades to the heavens above that you are good.

My daughters take delight in how I have made you, take note of the ingenious design. Your not in a competition no! Not in anyway.

In an art gallery people walk around and they take notice of pieces of art while approving or disapproving of each item. Some highly honored and sold to the highest bidder. None are ever cast aside or down graded.
But you get up every day with out taking notice of the handy work I have made in the form of YOU!

You are a treasure that can never be duplicated, serious art work, a center piece, extravagantly put together formed with an extreme purpose.

Trust in your value, you have been stamped Grade A.

It’s impossible for God to make a mistakes.


Self-Love Guide

SHEro Inspired Challenge
Day 4: Create your Self Love Guide.


Normally before my foot hits the floor I tell The Lord Good Morning (by faith) Then I will read the word either YouVersion or my King James Version. Then at some point after I Spread my bed because once leaving my room there is always something therapeutic about jumping into a nicely made bed.

I Eat a proper breakfast: I used to be the type of person who claimed they couldn’t eat in the early morning. I’d find myself at 12 noon with a very angry tummy. These days I eat my favorite meal of the day which is breakfast because it’s nourishing to my body and it’s important to me.

Slow down: Lately, I’ve been more aware of when i’m rushing through things. Even the simple task of applying Shea butter after a shower, even when I wasn’t in a rush. Slowing down allows me to enjoy moments instead of rushing through them.
Smell Amazing: I have been blessed with sensitive skin (yay me), so perfumes and body splashes are usually a no go, but I love to smell nice. I like to indulge in essential oils and scented Shea butter whips because smelling great always seems to lift my mood.
Stay organized: What’s my biggest fear? Being unorganized drives me nuts and I get completely engulfed in the process (OCD anyone?) However, much like taking things slow getting organized allows for my days to go much smoother. Thus, less stress.
Get enough sleep…
Gone are the days of being a member of #teamstayawake pass three. Lol


Do A Mighty Work


For Strife is the roots connected to the Blessing blockers in your life.

Give me Fortitude
Give me Wisdom
Give me Peace
Give me Love

We have begun February and I am moving forward in the things of The Most High, blessed, happy, fortunate and to be envied is the man whom you choose.
Where there is smoke there is also fire, build, restore and mature me Lord. Dealing in the affairs of life with character and integrity. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me, never confusing servant hood with I. For being self-centered is a conflict of soul whose joy is the belly and delicacies is the fruit of their lips. Always grasping but never coming to the full knowledge of who Christ is. Make a true worshipper out of me not only in spirit but in truth. Love defies all evil, do a mighty work in me so that I can please you.

Not man

In Jesus name



Not a mumbling Word




Asking from others for a sacrifice that you are not willing to do for yourself.

Don’t wanna judge? But you judge. Don’t wanna be talked about but yet you have a feast daily at the expense of others.
Words of unkindness flow from your lips while providing a mixture of what is unholy and clean. White washed tombs speaking from the same tainted spout that they praise Him with while presenting idols for hirer. Yes! For hirer because it’s a daily job as proverbs says a plotting evil heart who runs to execute evil on others. Daggers for teeth, cutting and slicing, releasing demonic forces, using the same instrument to perform holy duties while sacrificing to idols. Not building up or edifying because they daily sacrifice to their gods.

Hypocritical illusions, fierce debates and established prison houses are costly, never humble enough to shut up!
Applying the Wisdom of God in this area is only for show, or out of short spurts of convenience. Applying righteousness is far from who you are. Building up, edifying or living for the increase and success of others is not in your plan of maturity. Gods love for you is real but your love for Him is still well it’s still.

Whispers in corners and hidden delicacies of details that may or not be of any truth. Hidden behind smiles of love which really isn’t love at all. Speaking evil of the ones He made in His image, drinking tall glasses of evil while devising & executing such plans.

Take note

Passionate sacrifices are ones of which wisdom flows, building & constructing words of kindness released from holy lips. Edification through the Fruit of the spirit producing kind words, executed by Kings and Queens of a royal priest hood and a holy nation. A God Class

Action taken

They challenge the children of The Most High God, incompetent fools out to do evil while dragging restless feet to only do the will of their father. Who by no means is not up for the challenge of the blood that cry’s out night and day.

Gods plan and foundation is sure, firm, an impenetrable, a Rock. We love out of a love for Him, we serve out of a passion for Him, nothing, not any thing can separate us. No low-level devils disguised in a righteousness of God suit will hinder His plan or purpose for His own.

He fills us up with glory, living water and zeal. Never hidden, never taken out of His hand. Never left alone but in the name of God we will lift up the banner of Matthew 5:44 & Psalm 91. As our blue print for a course of action.

Rest in his love not the words of others.

Oh! We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers in high and wicked places.


Weapons of Mass Destruction 1





Love is patient, kind, long-suffering, gentle & not easily provoked. Love doesn’t insist on its own way.

Love is a weapon of mass destruction and when used it will tear down strong holds that are not so easily seen with the naked eye.

Only God knows a person’s heart only God can say who will enter the kingdom of God, hate wants you to believe that your sins make you disqualified. Repentance, forgiveness, acceptance of Christ and Love are the qualifiers.

The game changer Jesus is the one who puts everything in place and doesn’t walk away from a fight. The battle is not mine, He just tells me what to do and I do it. He just gives me the instructions & I execute it with Love not hate.

People don’t have a heaven or hell to put you in and Christ came for us all, if you in strife mode then God can’t heal you or lead you.

Slander is a dangerous thing due to the fact that the same life-giving words, the same “speak the Word only” message is being used to tear down those He has Redeemed.

Attitudes and how you dress doesn’t make you more spiritual or more mature than the next. It’s just a heart locator and when it’s all said and done Christ Word has the final say so on any issue.



Negative Eyes

I am praying for those people who only see the negative in you. They never say anything positive to others about you. I don’t need those type of people in my life, we all have faults and God is working on us all but why sit there and judge another pointing out another’s faults.
You could bless them all day and give them your heart through service, pray for them and they will still turn around like a pig & feed you there slop. I can’t remain in chains to people, I refuse to acknowledge another’s distaste for me, especially when I have done them no wrong only good.

It’s back to Matthew 5:44

But I say unto you Love your enemies, Bless those that curse you, Do good to those that hate you and Pray for those that spitefully use you and persecute you.

Man people are just hateful just to be hateful.

Learn how to speak to people, I am daily being perfected just like you and I am not gonna succumb to being spoken to in an intolerant way. All fall short of the glory of God, no one is perfect, no one is above being found at fault in the word so I take a back seat to strife and being filled with anxiety.

Father help comes from you and I know you say silence speaks volumes so mine will do just that Speak!!! Moreover you said that those that love to talk will be judged based on their words, they shall eat the fruit thereof. Holy Spirit put a guard over my mouth and instruct me in His ways, bringing back to memory the Word.

In Jesus name amen!


Only go where you are celebrated
Only surround yourself with people who see Gods potential in you.

Stop making it hard!!

I went to the house of faith as promised and found that I missed being around the people of God . You know the atmosphere was charged and there was excitement in the air. Flags waving , voices praising and dancers dancing, plus signers signing all on one accord as the praise team broke strong holds. What ever He had in store that serpent wasn’t thought about because we were all on one accord. As we held hands and prayed for one another, it’s like we were invincible able to conquer all fears and doubts. God was able to have is people forget about what was, what was going to be and focus only on the Now! Him. And as we stood on purple carpet with high ceilings trimmed in gold and purple faux covered walls. Jesus had entered the room and voices cried out as the atmosphere shift. Hope and mercy was in the air and if the truth were being told you was about to hear His voice. The ministry of the Word was about to be spoken, declared and released without compromise. Ready for the Word I took my seat and waited patiently as the scripture address was given. For some reason having my iPhone bible app is not the same as having my bible but in any case it’s better than not having anything. James 1:5 Wisdom can you believe it wisdom a much needed message because I am so lacking in that area. Ok! So I am awaiting the truth because all I need is the truth nothing sugar coated just give it to me. Note book open and pen in hand, iPhone in another, neighbors ready, I am ready and wisdom is going forth.

My spiritual Father (pastor) will break the word down in bite sizes pieces and feed it to you, while telling his testimony and giving you a little humor here and there. Wisdom is asked for and God never holds it back from us if we ask in faith. It’s needed but if we don’t ask for it we are in pride. And you know what happens when you in pride lol Pride comes before the fall. Yes! You wanna see your world crash be in pride. You might think your not in pride but you are if there is a deficiency in your life and you haven’t asked God about it.

Even Solomon asked for Wisdom to guide Gods people.

Jesus needed Wisdom in the garden before the cross.

Who are we to think as believers that we don’t need wisdom, I believe Gods name is Wisdom.

Wisdom- divine intervention into human affairs.

Poor- people overlooking opportunities repeatedly.

Are we poor because we lack wisdom?

What areas are you poor in?

James 1:5



Faith 2 Forgive


Learn how to throw off Offense especially since it determines if you will increase. The bigger the blessing the bigger the offense. Your blockage comes out in speech. Anger is a gift it protects your life just don’t sin. (Righteous indignation) unsaid stuff will not go away embrace it. Blessed are the pure in heart you will see God, in your life. Remember that the more you dispel waste bitterness, unforgiveness and anger which left unconfronted will turn toxic. Mature in the area of conflict resolution, apostolic gifts and immature social ability. Forgiveness and faith go hand in hand, stop having faith in the offender have faith in no weapon formed against you. No weapon of offense no weapon of malice or discontentment. Offense has roots, dig up the roots and ask yourself is the roots more important than the blessing. Roots are suspicion,, bitterness , anger and resentment. Deal with the roots because attach to it is arthritis, diabeties and hypertension. Mercy should be your last name keep your tongue from people. Unforgiveness is a noose for your own neck. You offend God all the time. Jesus forgave on the cross who are you to hang on stuff? Toxic waste or behavior is canceling out my blessings, let it go!!!!! Release, let go and let God. Unclog your heart by walking in forgiveness for it is a gift you give yourself. Because you can’t afford the price or energy of unforgiveness, it’s a blessing blocker. Cut the cord of offense by getting it right with the Father, forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision. Locate yourself are you doing it or hold on to it! All the fruits of the roots of unforgiveness is plucked up by you getting control in the area through prayer. The thermostats is controlled by me when I walk in forgiveness and the tree of unforgiveness which is my emotions which is controlled by a decision. Resist the temptation by making the descion, when you first forgive you have to take authority over your emotions and speak to your emotions bring it into the obediance of Christ. You will NEver feel forgiven until YOu FoRGive. God forgives the GUILTY…..Do You?

Notes from Bishop TD Jakes


I took these notes like I always do when I am listening to good teaching. I needed the lesson on forgiveness and thought I would share what I learned be blessed.

Ref scripture : Luke 1:17