Throw out the Gavel…

Dear Jury,

The thing is this, if we are to be lead by the spirit of God. Why are their so much human fragility in each other’s request. Being boxed in, being limited, no longer a free act of ones will but more a list, a chore to be done.

Will there ever be a time when freedom true freedom to spend time with the Father a time with out there being an agenda. Names, places and things are constantly on my mind, lists don’t forget this, don’t forget that.

Whew! You did it. Did you mis anyone, did you for get to include such and such. No longer a act of ones will, no longer a carefree enjoyable act of worship. But a Chore!

Who enjoys chores forced on us by those that are in or want to be in authority. Believers don’t believe they pray, believers don’t read for that doesn’t help them, only! Pray.

When will it be because you dropped a name, time and place in my spirit. No to be seen as something owed, a debt unpaid, or a bill due with past due notices.

There is a term in the Word which says self ambition? Hmm is that what that means? Me being selfish or vicer versa. Well when it’s all said and done my moves are to be led, by who?

Secondly, whether your saved or unsaved sexual conversations are not. Sinful only when done in a vulgar manner, I would never judge for an opinion because it’s just that an opinion. My experience doesn’t make me any more or less Holy. And a persons stance on the subject doesn’t make me less Saved, anointed or called by Him and in Him to speak what I know. When asked… Truth be told many are falling short whether for seconds, minutes, days or years but who am I to tell you whether or not you will see this side of Heaven.

Many know the Word inside and out but do you do it! That’s where the truth lies in being a doer not a judge with a bolder in my eye. Lately I feel less qualified to speak on any topic, because it seems that opinions mount up to mount Rush Moore, ready to fall on my face, like dung!


There are several vices in the Word and alcohol is one of them, but it doesn’t say not to drink alcohol, but it does say leaders shouldn’t partake in such activities. As well as it’s for those that have weak stomachs who are weak or dying. So after reading those let the word do the judging.

My thoughts, feelings and opinions don’t make you or anyone else less qualified to stand before God and His throne of mercy. My intellect, my human fragility, my flesh doesn’t supersede the doctrine of Christ.

One thing I know we all have a call but not all will do it. Whether that means releasing a word in or out of season, but Lord give me the grace to handle my obedience on you because just as Jesus was persecuted for the truth, whether or not he felt joy about the matter. He spoke it only to please you and set those that would believe free!


Ps 1
Sorry for my ramblings on about the Word of truth, but I mainly write out if my experiences.

Ps 2
Never fault find
Never judge
For my obedience or heart is not clean enough to clean anyone else’s.