Peace Police



You know exactly when things may begin to falter and with your intuitive abilities you often asses the situation prior to any conflict. This has others warming to your non- threatening and very personable persona. Your silent and distinct mannerisms see you as the master quiet achiever.

As the integrator of the study, you represent union and bringing together of all others. The mere fact that the number which symbolizes your type carries super spiritual ramifications allows for you at your best to have a totality of understanding into your own contribution to the balance of society in general. All sounds very mystical and even overboard, however, these attributes really do flourish within you when you at your best.

You are capable of foreseeing the end result for the benefit of all through your instinctual decision making process and your intuitive reaction to the environment. When in balance you sit center to the relating triad gaining the positive aspects of both personalities either side within your wings.

When you are at your best you are often seen as the ultimate listener looking at all aspects of a situation and on consideration making correct decisions for all concerned. Your natural demeanor to bring about peace and harmony allows for others to gravitate to you and share their inner most thoughts with full confidence.

As with all personalities we need to have a total understanding of both our strengths and our weaknesses in order for us to grow and move forward in life. For this reason I have put together a couple of areas that you may need to address in order to assist in expanding your innate strengths.

With your drive to maintain union and peace by the avoidance of conflict, it may be seen that your avoidance can actually create the very thing you avoid; conflict. You need to be aware that your fears are not bigger than you and you really need to express your opinions with assertiveness. Once you manage this, your innate leadership and guiding skills kick in to create a very harmonious situation. You begin to believe in yourself and your innate qualities that create a safe environment for others comes to the fore.

You must appreciate the value of your own opinion and learn the art of expression without fear of condemnation. Realise that by blending in with others or the environment will sabotage your sense of self and build resentment. Act on your intuition and avoid procrastination in order for you to reconnect to your silent inner authority.

You really do love this program. It’s non-threatening and allows you to silently get a grasp on everyone in your world. Not being one to jump about making loud noises about things, means that with this program you can gain wisdom through patient understanding of how it works. The accuracy assures you of its legitimacy and this brings to you a sense of peace and tranquility.

You love the fact that some of those more boisterous people in your life can be described to the nth degree creating a total knowingness for you and better yet relief that it’s quite normal for them.

The program takes away the fear of conflict in others for you and this inspires you to branch out with your suppressed authority allowing for your esteem to gather immensely. You thrive on the fact that the program can literally kick start you ability to express to others and have them coming to you for your advice on sensitive matters. It is in your nature to nurture through understanding and empathy and not necessarily sympathy or apathy.

Your personality can almost come to life with this program because it allows you to find your voice so to speak. Others who over talk you will begin to see the assertiveness you posses through you owning your own space.

Faith 2 Forgive


Learn how to throw off Offense especially since it determines if you will increase. The bigger the blessing the bigger the offense. Your blockage comes out in speech. Anger is a gift it protects your life just don’t sin. (Righteous indignation) unsaid stuff will not go away embrace it. Blessed are the pure in heart you will see God, in your life. Remember that the more you dispel waste bitterness, unforgiveness and anger which left unconfronted will turn toxic. Mature in the area of conflict resolution, apostolic gifts and immature social ability. Forgiveness and faith go hand in hand, stop having faith in the offender have faith in no weapon formed against you. No weapon of offense no weapon of malice or discontentment. Offense has roots, dig up the roots and ask yourself is the roots more important than the blessing. Roots are suspicion,, bitterness , anger and resentment. Deal with the roots because attach to it is arthritis, diabeties and hypertension. Mercy should be your last name keep your tongue from people. Unforgiveness is a noose for your own neck. You offend God all the time. Jesus forgave on the cross who are you to hang on stuff? Toxic waste or behavior is canceling out my blessings, let it go!!!!! Release, let go and let God. Unclog your heart by walking in forgiveness for it is a gift you give yourself. Because you can’t afford the price or energy of unforgiveness, it’s a blessing blocker. Cut the cord of offense by getting it right with the Father, forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision. Locate yourself are you doing it or hold on to it! All the fruits of the roots of unforgiveness is plucked up by you getting control in the area through prayer. The thermostats is controlled by me when I walk in forgiveness and the tree of unforgiveness which is my emotions which is controlled by a decision. Resist the temptation by making the descion, when you first forgive you have to take authority over your emotions and speak to your emotions bring it into the obediance of Christ. You will NEver feel forgiven until YOu FoRGive. God forgives the GUILTY…..Do You?

Notes from Bishop TD Jakes


I took these notes like I always do when I am listening to good teaching. I needed the lesson on forgiveness and thought I would share what I learned be blessed.

Ref scripture : Luke 1:17