Secret Single Behaviors


I’ve been neglecting this blog and social media lately because I spent time having a woe is me attitude. Ugh! Anyway! She, me is back. Here are some of my favorite secret single behaviors:

Secret Single Behaviors

All the beauty maintenance activities: baths, eyebrows, whiten teeth, examining all the pores, mud masks, paint nails, etc.
Worship: I love to worship & praise. The living room isn’t very big so I have to keep my moves pretty tight.
Watch all of Bravo’s finest: Real Housewives of BH, OC, and NJ paired with a little Pump Rules = A
And then watch an TBN OR entertain myself on Bible Chat. Because yes, other Christians wine & complain too but the chat is awesome.
Snack like a beast: All the yummies will be mine, completely guilt free. I’m talking Mint Chocolate Chip, chocolate chip cookies, and cashew peanuts Not all at once, I promise.

If I don’t leave the house, I don’t leave my pajamas. Obviously.
Listen to Free!! by Kiki Sheared on repeat. The Beats Music App.
Speak my thoughts. To myself. Similar to talking to myself but less creepy … right?
Snuggle with a pillow when napping. We all do it, right?
Cry. Mostly over really touching episodes of Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds, etc.
Lose track of time in the black hole that is Pinterest. Followed by instagram. And then get angry when people aren’t updating fast enough to keep up with my media consumption.
What are your favorite secret single behaviors?

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