Are you Ahab?

I am taught that it’s a man that finds the wife. But why does it seem that the man doesn’t wanna step up but rather is choosing to be like Ahab. A punk!!!

It hurts to hear a man say you are not wife material but I also believe that the man that is saying it is not husband material if he is uncovering your sin for the whole world to see.

Because you my dear are not a man of valor, but you have that lucifer spirit. That wants to degrade and attack women, rather than having the Jesus spirit which will build and cherish his bride.

So that being said
I am determined to believe what God is saying about me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, while possessing the attributes of a Proverbs 31 woman.

Who is in the process of being made into that which God has said from the beginning.

Now! Where is that praying man? Who is up for the challenge?


One thought on “Are you Ahab?

  1. I believe God blessed me with my wife – led me to her in fact – not because I had somehow became good enough to have a wife and he was rewarding me……he gave her to me because he knew I was lacking in my life and that I needed her….! I was fortunate enough that she accepted me despite my lacking! 😉

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