What’s Your Life Brand?

In life we shed many tears and have many fears, because we believe the lies that the enemy tells us. Verses trusting in the good that God has presented to us in the form of provision.

He provided us with the ability to take 44 breaths per minute. I don’t know about you but in my eyes that’s pretty awesome, considering there is approximately 300,000 people that die per day.

I know that God is good based on so much more, in my favorite psalm He said oh! that men would praise Him for His goodness to the children of men. But no what do we think about;


And the unfounded charges that the accuser of the brethren brings up and presents as evidence, don’t be mistaken He uses the inner circle the ones we call family and friends, you see they have the sin of familiarity.
Like Jesus his family didn’t realize he was divinity, they didn’t know He was not only a Carpenter, but also the Messiah. Who are you? And does your friends and family recognize who you are? They look at your flesh, which they are not to judge any man after the flesh. Presenting your weakness when we are to lean on Christ’s strength.

They also present issues that God, the Word of life has already dealt with.its under the blood, washed until nothing but purity is seen. I believe therefore I shall speak, what God has for you is for you yes!

But how dare you think that what God has for me is yours. I know in marriage what I have is His and what God has since I am married to Him is mine. So to think you can steal or plot against me is a trip, lol i am one spirit with Him. So if the truth be told my inheritance, my treasure which is hidden in Him. Is not to be assumed to be yours lol

Persons that are smarter, allow there mouths to betray them. If you don’t respect me and what I say or think there is no way we can be partners in anything.

Not now, then, or ever!

The kingdom suffers violence but the violent ones take it by force. Evidence is in the walk, it’s in the life.

What is your life brand?
Child Of God


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