When I grow up…

A Belief in a higher power is what gets some through, knowing that He has a plan for us from the beginning. But this post is not about me so sit tight and let’s look at some one else…

You see the beautiful baby above isn’t she cute, adorable, fearfully and wonderfully made by our creator, but will she ever know? Will she always aspire to physical self improvement, buying the stereotypical shifts, myths and beliefs. Dreaming for a look, a way of being and doing that may never be a attainable.

Will she press fearlessly into that realm of perfection?

By Lightening her skin or by getting breast implants? Justifiably so she says stopping at butt shot alley, lypo-suction median while defending never ending sagas of breast morphs is.

Does she say I will never be enough, never light enough, never big or small enough?
Does she say I refuse to stay this way or that way?
Do we say it doesn’t really matter? As women we all have our hang ups. No matter the race, ethnic group or variety we all still bleed to the finish line of I wanna be perfect!!!

Jane "I wanna be you" big lips, but thick in the hips.

Josephine "I wanna be you" straight hair with a pointy nose.

How can God win?

He screams from His throne of beauty. My daughters are made to perfection, each one created for my glory because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.
Your hair is your glory.
Your nose hand picked. lol
Your eyes set as original design.

Everything about you screams divinity. You are not to be compared, not even the finger print on your hands can be duplicated.

I have your names printed on the palm of my hands but then you decided that what I have made is low grade, when I declared all the way from hades to the heavens above that you are good.

My daughters take delight in how I have made you, take note of the ingenious design. Your not in a competition no! Not in anyway.

In an art gallery people walk around and they take notice of pieces of art while approving or disapproving of each item. Some highly honored and sold to the highest bidder. None are ever cast aside or down graded.
But you get up every day with out taking notice of the handy work I have made in the form of YOU!

You are a treasure that can never be duplicated, serious art work, a center piece, extravagantly put together formed with an extreme purpose.

Trust in your value, you have been stamped Grade A.

It’s impossible for God to make a mistakes.


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