Self-Love Guide

SHEro Inspired Challenge
Day 4: Create your Self Love Guide.


Normally before my foot hits the floor I tell The Lord Good Morning (by faith) Then I will read the word either YouVersion or my King James Version. Then at some point after I Spread my bed because once leaving my room there is always something therapeutic about jumping into a nicely made bed.

I Eat a proper breakfast: I used to be the type of person who claimed they couldn’t eat in the early morning. I’d find myself at 12 noon with a very angry tummy. These days I eat my favorite meal of the day which is breakfast because it’s nourishing to my body and it’s important to me.

Slow down: Lately, I’ve been more aware of when i’m rushing through things. Even the simple task of applying Shea butter after a shower, even when I wasn’t in a rush. Slowing down allows me to enjoy moments instead of rushing through them.
Smell Amazing: I have been blessed with sensitive skin (yay me), so perfumes and body splashes are usually a no go, but I love to smell nice. I like to indulge in essential oils and scented Shea butter whips because smelling great always seems to lift my mood.
Stay organized: What’s my biggest fear? Being unorganized drives me nuts and I get completely engulfed in the process (OCD anyone?) However, much like taking things slow getting organized allows for my days to go much smoother. Thus, less stress.
Get enough sleep…
Gone are the days of being a member of #teamstayawake pass three. Lol



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