Re-Introducing Love


Why is it that the announcement of 3 words can turn the very course of nature?

Making grown men shiver or grasp for air as if they will never see day light again.

Words most teenagers giggle to, but so long to hear.

Women of all ages want to hear these words while imagining white dresses and baby carriages.

Who were these words befitting?
What was the intended purpose?

Is it so you can introduce me as your lady, go 50/50 on a house & then have a baby?
Is it a temporary fix to the loneliness of your loins?

Released behind smiles that promises are forever but never seeing the fruit of such said words.

Fruit yes! Fruit love is patient, kind, loyal, consistent never angry and doesn’t insist on it’s own way.

Love isn’t a fist
Love isn’t a bribe
Love isn’t a compromise for you to do wrong.

Love is extreme
Love is extravagant
Love covers faults & never exposes.

Counting up the cost of such said words is wise!

Do you love your loved ones to life? or
Do you live to love them to death?

Our words determine the very course of nature, changes and engages debates of death or life.

You choose the path by releasing life or death through the power of the tongue.

Re-Introducing you to Love through the power to think right, Love right & write right, Love.




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