Love Letter 2 Self

SHEron Inspired Challenge
Day 1: Write A Love Letter 2 Self

Dear Geraldine,
I have never really wrote a letter to you. I guess in many ways I forget that you need to be feel forgiven, cherished and loved. Its been a rough 43 years and I know you’ve had your fair share of challenges, but this is not that kind of letter. I want you to know that even though you’re not perfect I fully embrace how imperfect and unpredictable you can be. I know you often want to hide behind mascara and lip gloss but I implore you to take them off for a minute and remember how you learned gentleness from your sensitive skin. How refusing to wear make-up for months and boldly flashing your smile inspired a young lady to ask, “How do you stay so confident?” Don’t forget how your acne taught you to value your inner beauty more than your outward beauty. Those spots taught you so much, so the next time you feel like hiding them, say thank you instead.
Whenever you feel like you are getting lost in the crowd or that you’re simply unremarkable remember that you are an amalgamation of traits that may seem mundane individually, but collectively they are what make you undeniably unique. You are unique because you have the perfect ratio of reasonable maturity and childish curiosity . You see the many facets of this world simultaneously, and I love how the simplest things like seeing a butterfly excites you. I love how you’d rather feel music than listen to it and that you can read a fluffy article on nail art one minute and get excited about the existence of life in another country the next. And though many of these things may seem dull to others, never forget that in a world populated with billions of people, not one is exactly like you. That in and of itself is amazing.
I love that you are good at finding ways to entertain yourself, because then you are never truly bored. I like how you can express yourself in different creative outlets and you are finding new forms of self expression everyday. You are a good friend and though you get so invested in their problems you want to strangle them, your genuine love and care is admirable. Your sense of style has evolved in so many ways, but you’ve become so good at picking the right outfit in under 10 minutes.
I promise to not put limits on your abilities, and to allow you to rest when you need to. I promise to be completely honest with you, even when its hard. I promise to allow you to make mistakes and to understand that some days you just won’t be super woman. I promise to cast down negative self talk and encourage you to always try your best. But I guess my biggest promise to you is to love you, not for who you could be, but for who are right now.

I love and adore you,


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