In the Silence


As time goes by I sit and think about what’s going on around me. I hear sirens, heading speedily down some busy street. I wonder if it were you would you want that same Ambulance to have to blow it’s horn repeatedly in order to save your life? I also lay here wondering how much thought God had to put into the rain that’s falling? There’s so much commotion around us have you ever stopped and took the time out to listen. I hear a few moments of silence, but actually not really for when there is silence, it isn’t really silence for within sound there is sounds.

Another horn blasting, the pitter patter of feet as some one announces their arrival to a visitor. Cars going and coming in the wetness of the rain that God allowed us to enjoy.

The Life of someone’s Daughter, the laughter of someone’s Son. An Ambulance to someone’s aide, rain for which to some is a blessing and to others a curse. But the life of which someone missed out on today, and another is introduced to.
Stop! and listen to that which surrounds you, people, places and things.

A life we should never take for granted, we are fortunate enough to be able to hear Sirens, smell rain and see commotion going on around us. Others are less fortunate they have never been able to use all five senses.


I know you know this but sometimes we forget. Smile for someone else that can’t, dance for someone else that can’t, shout for someone else that can’t, live for someone else that can’t.

I dedicate this to all that have a disability that was told I can’t. Even if you can’t, you will because people like me will do it for you.


Ps take 5 sec to do it for someone else.



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