I believe that sometimes it’s easier to explain visible scars that we attain through life because you wear them as a badge in this war that we fight daily.

War yes! war because in life we battle things, places and people. Selah! The word of Gods says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers in high and wicked places.

You only live once…is true and for some they have the scars to prove it, some on the wrist, others on the arms or thighs.
For along time I wore my battle stripes on my heart, the hidden man which beats to a different rhythm.

Photoshop couldn’t delete, copy, paste, or cut the events in my childhood, or the choices upon choices, on top of choices on top of more choices in my young adulthood. Never replaced or forgotten because they are a play book to my testimony. Who I was and or who I am gonna be.

Duplicate entry’s in a world of increased or decreased margins, fixated on a belief system of You Only Live Once. But is that true? to the leather bonded 66 books of truth.

My mind renewed to the awe inspiring Prince Of Life that erased my hard drive and made me brand new. Photoshopped my identity in Him, stamp me with his DNA, Christ blood flows through me while bearing His fruit to the tune of new wine.

No need to depend on acronyms to motivate your life. YOLO-YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, we are not in a spirit of rush, a rush to be do this or that the fear of always being out of time when we serve the Father of time. Be quick to hear and slow to speak, is one example of the Kingdom of Gods blue print.




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