Figure it out!

Dear Gabourey Sidibe,

My hopes is that your spirit and faith is as strong as ever. I sympathize with you and know what it’s like to be judged solely on appearances alone. To some I may not appear to be large in size but to others I am a whale.

From what I have seen of you and the content of your posts I believe that you are one to be reckoned with on and off camera. I say this with the most sincerity “I got you sistah!”

The main reason for writing this post is because I was having a discussion with a friend about you and others who are in the public eye. God has blessed you with the gift of representing the full figured Woman. And of course we discussed how the critiques are harsh, rude & insensitive. The point that I made was this…

Society as a whole has issues! Duh! Lol but for real, major issues. If you were on crack and on film they would feel sorry for you, but still give you the lead roles. But those that are not a twig or stick get judged harshly as if meat on your bones make you any less intelligent or film worthy. Ugh!

The fact that you stand in the public eye and declare that “I Am Beautiful” hurts their psyche. You see to some they were once the Fat kid and they were miserable and misery loves company.

Stand up young lady and continue you to be fearless, fabulous and cash them checks. Your red bottoms walk the runway every award show while their Paylesses are fighting to see
your beautiful face as the snap your million dollar shot.

Fly hard, live long and continue to smile as you Cash them Checks.




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