Do you think I am weird?

Am I the only one in this part of the hemisphere that doesn’t have a mad crush on someone?

Like seriously I see guys at church and some are cute but enough for me to be like wow! Crush, I have butterflies.

Maybe it’s an age thing or does the crush radar cut off at a certain age. I mean I was born in the era of Afros and platform shoes which were all the rage.

But that shouldn’t count me out right?
I mean Valentines day went by and I didn’t get any thing but that doesn’t mean anything right? When you get to a certain point in life men are not always available. You might even say they are scarce some are in jail, oversees, in the military or married.

Maybe I should be more proactive but I would rather have Him find me. A guy once told me that I was His wife because the bible said that it’s He that finds a wife finds a good. Like bump your feelings your mine, but I beg to differ you are not my type. Lol

I know that God orchestrates all events, but I wish someone would take interest in me. Someone who isn’t my dad’s age and isn’t on fast speed, but is patient and kind.

I think friends first makes the best relationships, then there will be no need to have an entitlement attitude.
Love is something that’s roots have to go down deep, so to rush like you have a need for speed isn’t wise.

Do I see men that are handsome yes!
But do I get the butterflies in the stomach, oh! my goodness I wanna be your Eve and you be my Adam. Nope.

So maybe I am looking or waiting for a feeling that will never take place.

Am I the only one?
If you are married do you feel that way about your significant other?



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