Drift Me There Lord

If God is for me who can be against me? No one.

We are to walk in shalom, shalom, shalom (which is nothing missing or nothing broken) for strife is (argumentative, quarrelsome, bitter discord, strong clash, vigorous. It is the enemies plan to steal, kill and destroy your blessing. I will not allow the enemies of my soul (mind, body, spirit) to rise up and be in control.

We are to walk in love, peace, joy, long suffering, meekness, patience, kindness, gentleness, & self control.

My heart is dedicated to “Only” serving the Most High God & He will preserve me from the strife of tongues.

It is not good, (fit or excellent ) to walk in offense (off-ended) and it is not good (fit or excellent) to be argumentative.

Protect me in the shadow of your wings while keeping me from a manipulative spirit. You said we are not to push our own desires on others.

We all have free will, ceasing not to pray for others and being kind, loving, gentle, meek with self control, be patient with a long-suffering attitude toward one another.

Help! Me to develop these attributes Lord! so that I will be a great representation of who you are.
I can be all things to all people in your strength and guidance.

You promised to lead me down the paths of righteousness for your name sake, some of us can be so tender, loving and kind to people we you don’t see.

But those that you have equity in are chewed up and spit out everyday with a nonchalant attitude. If I have invested my time, prayers, fastings and arm of friendship to you I expect to be treated with a little more gratitude.

The Judas Spirit

He was part of the Brother hood, saw miracles, signs and wonders. He was trusted enough for Him to be the treasurer and experienced things that only the Supernatural has to offer. But that same spirit of Dishonor was in him which led Him to betray The Prince Of Glory. I wanna know when the devil comes will he find that same attitude or spirit attached to & in You? It was resting Judas bosom.

When we dishonor those that God has placed in authority or those that is in our sphere of influence then we bite off our own hand.

Judas was set up by the enemy, He was used to betray Jesus and then He was terrorized by the devil.

The Devil used Him, abused Him and then spread a trap for Judas to Take His own life.

My Love for God has grown and I will not allow the enemy to steal from me any more. I am perfect in Christ and Christ alone. When I am persecuted by the accuser of the brethren I will lift up my voice like a trumpet and prevail in prayer.

God is The Father of Time and He trusts me to be obedient to His will & to take me to His desired haven. I know on the Fast and the Furious they had a thing called drifting which was fun for them but hard to do but easy for those that had perfected it. Drift!!!! me there Lord.

I will be like Rose on The Titanic on the bow of the ship arms stretched out soaring and flying with You as my Jack ready to catch me if I fall.

I am unmarried but you are my knight in shining armorer. You are Jack to me as He was to Rose, You are Bill to me as Bill was to Claire. You are Abraham to me as He was to Sarah, You are Jesus to me as He was to Mary Magadalene. My Hero!!!

I know they were not perfect, all weren’t except Jesus but you trump them all. What an adventure we are about to go on? You said in a song we sung in church recently:

It’s gonna be great
It’s gonna be wild
It’s gonna be full of you!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!


“Prosperity will never come to an Honor less fool, they will always have financial problems.”

Kenneth Copeland


3 thoughts on “Drift Me There Lord

  1. I wasn’t a member here on Valentine’s Day, but this post I would have liked and replied to then. Such an outpouring of love…it is a wonderful post!

    Enjoy your day…

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