Stains on My Heart:::

There is a song by Shirley Cesar’s
Heavens PlayGround (YouTube) it.

I was looking back on some of my posts and their are some events in my life that I wish I could erase, you can regret so much but never be able to change them.

On the train of life there has been stops, curves and many uphill battles, but some life are never erased out your memory.

Dear little feet,
You are dearly missed and forever loved. You were given up out of youths miscomprehension on how precious life is. But your mama will never forget you, their is a love stain on my heart for you that has never been erased.

I know now you are on Heavens Play Ground, which is better than this side anyway. Keeping you in my thoughts forever grateful that Jesus took you in, I hope papa & grandmama is keeping you company and is loving on you for me

You will forever be missed.




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