My Time Strands! Are Glory?

Some people are so ungrateful they only think of them selves. Even when it comes to things that are good they only want it for themselves, even God.

They expect you to build them up spiritually by praying for them, fast for them and do all that they expect you to do.

Mean while they feed you with betrayal, slander, back biting and nothing but confusion.

But God says “we are to Love your enemies, bless those that curse you and do good to those that hate you, and pray for those that despitefully use you and persecute you”.

So I will continue on my pilgrimage of Matthew 5:44, and wait on The Lord to get me out of my mess that I have gotten myself into.

Hopefully. He will be like me when I rescue my children better yet not even. Just be You! Lord. Have your guns ready to do what you do.

My calmness is never because I am right anymore it’s because I know whom I serve. I am relaxed in Jesus and my tongue no longer gossips to human ears but my tongue sings the praises of God, whispers sweet nothings in His ear, and blesses others with my prayers.

I am not perfect outside of Him, I am just leaning on Wisdom.

God Bless You Inkster’s



Time strands!

Today I had to dye my hair black because the time strands were just too much, I turned up another year on the 10th and I think I waited long enough before transforming my glory.

Did you know God calls women’s hair their glory? Well if you think my hair is glorious I wonder what He thinks about a lot of women’s hair, I do know it’s still their glory no matter what they do to it.

Mine is nothing spectacular but I wonder does God really care when we shave it off or get locs or turn it pink, purple or red?

In Heaven we have angels who attend or minister to the righteous and when we are not saying the Word of God which gives them something to do, they are sitting around I guess watching all of our little events.

Beauty appointments
Church outings
Sporting events

I would love to know what they think, wouldn’t you?

Do they discuss us amongst themselves or do they just watch us patiently?

Do they cheer us on or do they sit idly by while we get in and out of things?

I do know one thing they worship God, write down things that we say about God, celebrate when newbies enter the Kingdom, or when prodigal sons come back home. They will fight the devil and stand ready to do whatever The Lord of Hosts commands them.

So they are a busy heavenly bunch, but my curiosity was out of humor and the little stuff I think about.

They should know me by now anyway. 🙂




5 thoughts on “My Time Strands! Are Glory?

  1. I love the pic 🙂
    Never heard them called ‘time strands’ before….but I like 😉

    Have a blessed evening and keep shining on.

  2. I love your posts! They ring out with true adoration for the God of all! Keep posting from your truly sincere heart…


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