My love
My love
My love
My dawn
My hash tag
My day break
My incredible
My faithful and true
My forever covenant
My bright and morning star
My exclamation point, my period
My love no bounds, insert a picture
My hope, joy, friendship & affection
My stand in awe forever eternal one
My freedom giver, life maker, soother

When I gaze upon The Word & who you are in your Word. I stand at attention ready to move mountains at your excellency. Angels stand in awe at your grace, your glory is echoed through out the universe Holy, Holy, Holy is The Lord God Almighty. Fashioned, built & cared for by the creator himself, My Redeemer, Confidant, and Gate Keeper.

Give me a Heart like Esther, Loyalty like Ruth, Steadfastness like Daniel, Character of Joseph, and the Wisdom of Solomon.

We can pretend, play house, play church but the fact remains we need Christ as Christians, we can’t do any of it. We can’t love, talk, walk or breath without you. Make us more like you in very thought, word and deed.

You are the epitome of Love, your a Spirit so I believe I see you every time love shows up. Many don’t think they have seen you, but I think they have every time they have seen unconditional love they have seen you.

That’s why they asked Jesus where is the Father and He answered right here! You have seen me, you have seen the Father because He is Love in action.

I also read about a healing Jesus did on the sabbath and how he told Him take up your mat and walk. And the faryousee and sadyousee came and persecuted Him for walking with the mat on the Sabbath like really?

How many of you would have done the same. We point out the negative in situations verses building up our brother and sister up.


Why do we harp on the negative?

It’s the heart!!! You allow negative things in your ears, eyes and mouth and expect change. I Am Guilty! but thank God I am more aware than ever. It took me to Hit rock bottom before I woke up.

Now I am dealing with all the reality tv archives playing in my mind. Like really is it more valuable than the Word. Searching for who did what, when and how as I flip threw the prophalies on the sinavision.


Digging through cable channels & watching others getting rich or married or who has what addiction or just watching other peoples problems. We could be digging in Gods Word, which would make us rich, problem solvers and King makers. So that next year about this time we won’t be praying about the same issues and we won’t be blogging about the same stuff.

Would Jesus watch sintothemax?

Yes! we can do things in moderation but we are also in this world but not of this world.

All things are lawful but all things are not expedient.

We are to guard our hearts
We are to guard our hearts
We are to guard our hearts

Jesus of Nazareth was anointed and went about doing good and healed all that was oppressed of the enemy. Love in Motion, is what He has called us to. Help! us get there Lord so we can glorify you in everything we do.


Dear Prince of Life,
May my words edify your people not as a preacher but as a lover of your Word. My battle is listed above Lord you know the very hairs on my head and you know theirs too. Please!! bless them and reveal to them what you need them to release in order to receive that next blessing. Lord you love us extravagantly and we are yours. help! Us to get rid of every soul tie in Jesus name amen! & amen !



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