Belated Valentines Day!!

A day when people express their Love publicly for one another. Many say that Love is blind as well as it covers a multitude of sin.

But how many of us truly have love for one another?

Love that isn’t self gratifying or self centered really isn’t love at all.
Many will buy gifts. Many will except gifts today. But who does love without expecting anything in return?

I say love is costly for to truly love means that I, I being the operative word have to lay down my life for another who really cares nothing for me at all. It’s all about them, their wants and their needs.

They compare you with others-while defending people who really haven’t laid down their life at all. My confusion in this mess is you say tit & I say tat my God loves me in this I have to put my trust.

You out to defame me, tear me down to get what you want but I am here building restoring and loving you to life with My Words.

I am not perfect outside of Christ and I am not a woman that likes to tear people apart. Have I done it yes! But it has been when the hurt has been so deep that my only fleshly recourse was to fight back as the world would.

I have come to realize that people will always be out for them selves & that they only trust worthy person is Jehovah.

Outside of Him no one is loyal, loving or trust worthy. In the TV Show Millionaire Match Maker the hosts always tell the men their picker is off.

My picker is wayyyyyy to the left, so that’s why I wait on God to do the picking. You see I am not talking in only a mate but that too, He will pick me hopefully. Lol! I am talking in general as far as relationships go.

People are so…I don’t even know how to put it into Words.

But God loves them so I have to especially since we are all classified under them same species. Human!

Can anything good come out of the earth???

That’s what they said about Jesus so I said it in a different way I bet you didn’t catch that.

Can any good come out of Nazareth? Yes! it did

So I guess the same goes for us, good will come out of us if we stay connected to the heavy weight lover Jesus.

Love maybe an investment at times but there will always be and I say always be seed, time and harvest.

So love others like a fat kid loves cake stay true to Matthew 5:44 and invest in yourselves


I know a Woman of God who said something profound the other day during a woman’s meeting. She said the single ladies are to not look at some of the men in the church that are married as an example as to what to look for.

Only! Because their wives have invested in them for many years.

I agree but I also feel it’s unfair that I have to settle for some who is not like me

Go to church
Read my word

And I have waited years for the right one! So now what? Ugh! I think it would better to stAy single. I can continue to do bad by myself. I know they invested in their husbands and terrific for them but I also have an investment that I am working on ME!!!



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