Was God the 1st Writer?

God is beauty!
God is Good.
God answers when I call.

I have never seen Him with my natural eye before, but I know He is Beauty. He is beautiful for every situation and whatever flows out of His spirit can’t even be put into Words, which He is just That, yes! That. What is That? The Word. John 1:1 says so and that is why it would take the whole English language to describe Him, so as a writer lol I have to give Him Honor at least once.

Oh! How wonderful is, The Spirit of The Living God which is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, self-control; against such there is no law. (Galatians 5:16-18, 22, 23 ASV)

I believe He is all 9 fruits of the spirit that is who He is. Plus, He gave me one as I was writing this “effervescent”

Is the Living God.

What am about to write is nothing compared to what some others will write about Him. But I can’t help but be me so here goes.

God is Honor. He stands firm in His beliefs, He is a God of His Word. He is wired like that, that means if you have a problem He will deal with it in the strictest of confidence and with righteous judgment.

All Hail The King!

Everything He has made is beautiful, gorgeous and excellent, the very nature of Gods love is displayed in His creation, the human body, the cosmos and the earth, everything in it and above it, around it & of course under it.

I can look at one animal think about what it took to create that species & think He did that with the voice of His Word.

It’s creativity at its best and shut your mouth if you catching flies right now. It’s an awesome wonder! There is no one as creative as the creator, there is no one as loving as my Adonai He stands in a class all by Himself.


Despite what you have been taught He is The First Writer.

The first document ever written by God for man was the Ten Commandments written on stone. Yes! believe it or don’t believe it, it is a known fact.

His name is
Alpha the First & Omega the Last

Isaiah 45:7
I form the light, create darkness: I make peace, created evil: I The Lord do all these things.

He is the beginning so everything originates from Him. If that is not enough He declares Himself as the Great I Am!

So think on it for just a second, if you are introduce by someone and they mess up your name. When you correct them with the name you prefer to be called now you have their attention. So when He declares Himself to Moses as “I Am” which means whatever you need me to be “I Am”

What false God can stand up to that name? Haha! None best believe it nope not one.

How awesome is that?
Creativity at its best, His name to me means whatever you need I am that!

I am marriage
I am finances
I am health
I am love
I am new beginnings

Beauty originates from God & beauty ends with God. Love never ends or starts without God because He is Love. He states the fact that He draws us by His Love.
Take anything by applying putting God first rule and its a given.

He was the first
Weather man
Zoo keeper
Garbage man

He knows it all and has done it all. He is the Manual of Life, The Bible.

Why are we so quick to move without consulting our maker?
Why do we stand in judgement of others and their walk with The Lord?

Especially since the Log in our own eyes is so dawg gone big.

My repentance list stays full because I know My prayers will be hindered and body will be sick if I don’t repent.

Isaac Carrara sings a song
Clean This House

That’s my heart cry God clean me up and never allow me to forget the Great I Am who is awesome in Wonder.



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