Oreos or S’mores

You know Oreos are chocolate cookies with white sugary centers. I believe I am talking about food because I am on a fast, so of course my greedy gilipsy (stomach) wants food.

Matthew 4:4 say’s
Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

You see I wanna be just like the marshmallow center in an S’mores smack dab in the center of Gods will, you guys know I am not without flaw but who is?

My God is bigger and greater than any circumstance or situation.
He is greater than any critic
He is greater than any betrayal
He is greater than any dagger in any form. He is just BIGGER, Better and Believable, A Force To Be Reckoned with.

Just like marshmallows I shall be pure white (holy) and soft like marshmallows. Soft in my Masters hands, so He can form me to His will. Sweet in nature and of course even better when they’ve been glazed in the fire over good conversation.

Even Israel Houghton says Jesus is the Center of it All. In the Center of our hearts is where He should be as believers and of course be the Center of our church Lord Jesus!

In the good book it says
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all of His Righteousness. Plus we are to put Him first in all we do while trusting in Him with all our hearts and acknowledging Him in all our ways.

My God is good and I want to be in the center of His will, taking my last breath in praise would be heaven sent. No time soon Lord it just was a thought but what an awesome way to go. Yes! Go home to be with Lord in praise & worship.

Anyway back to the Oreos they are not only adored by children who the bible says we are to imitate, but maybe I should just work on being like them in faith rather than eating a whole pack of Oreos as they would if allowed.

Can we honestly do a trust fall like a child? I mean my Suri has so much faith in me if I throw her up in the air she is gonna giggle because her GlamMa is there to catch her.
And yes! I said GlamMa!!! Because I am righteous in Jesus & I am a Glamorous NaNa.

I don’t want to speak for the Father but he is one sure foundation. And he wants us to be in the Center of His will daily, hourly, min by min and to the milli second. So because of this my love for Him I pray grows daily, min by min and hour by hour, etc. You know when I was first saved I thought I was supposed to know everything and if I didn’t know I felt inadequate.

But now after the lesson on Wisdom I feel more free to ask Him anything believing that he wants me to know. It probably sounds silly to you but I felt fearful of God even though I knew He was and is good. I just was afraid and I never thought to ask him questions.

Hence the scripture

Ask? Seek? Knock?

Now I look at self and say self
“Duh! Girl you slow” lol
But then I am reminded of the scripture the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to those that endure.

I thank God above for being my Cookie Monster, who stole me from the devil and put me in His jar of life for all eternity.

Live, laugh, eat Oreos lol


It might have been a bad analogy but you got the gist of what I was saying.


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