Lame as Heck!

The enemy is lame as heck! He has his imps working day and night to confuse you. They put stumbling blocks in your way while passing judgement on you as they go on with their wicked devices. But I will go on in His way in the name of The Lord.

Matthew 5:44
But I say unto you Love your enemies, Bless those that curse you. Do good to those that hate you and pray for those that despitefully use and persecute you.

My life is in the hands of the Al-Mighty who made the heavens and the earth. He loves me in-spite of not because of with an ever lasting love.
How can a young man cleanse His ways? By taking heed to the Word of God. Forever indebted to Him we worship Him with undying gratitude lost in His embrace as we seek His face. Forever loved by love, casting our crowns at His feet as we enter in.

I am free!!! Of people’s opinions, zero effect. The accuser of the brethren stands on his side in Fear! Manifested in accusations. And I stand on my side of Truth with a closed mouth, only to edify God!

Undying gratitude to who you serve forever mingled with the process of slaughter. Killing tongues sharp as daggers, sifting the lies pronounced by judging Toms in the God Class.

Teach me in mercy, kindness and truth. I will forever be indebted to those that leave life’s nuggets as they edify, build and announcing the good news.

My life is an open lesson which can be defined as Truth! Fierce opponent of mass confusion but in the end all things work together for my good.

Never been one to like confusion or be a dweller with tongues of strife. But He will deliver me from the strife of tongues, never been one to back down in a fight but with the commands of Jehovah I am new inside and out.

“Be still & Know that I Am God”

New and Improved with the Word of God. All things according Romans 12, I stand firm empowered and ready to receive what the divine author has for me. I can truly say life has been good for the most part.

I am joy!’
I Am New!
I Am Virtue!
I Am Sound!
I Am Loved!
I Am Blessed!
I Am life giving!
I Am goodness!
I Am temperance!
I Am Strife Free!!!!!

I am a blessing to others all the time.

The enemy is a misguided fool, He try’s to keep you down and out. Through relationships or the lack thereof. But truth is the friends I did have are those who have moved up in the ranks and are now married. They have moved on and they have gone the way of victory. But I know that I am reluctant at making new friends for many reasons, one is people are never who they say the are and they always! Always! Have a motive other than what is first portrayed. I guess that’s the reason for most human interactions and when it’s all said and done humans never are truly loyal. My opinions don’t make it fact but I can say that I speak out of my experiences and it is what it is.

So the new me wants God formed relations whether male or female. Married or unwed doesn’t make a difference, if you want new friends you have to make yourself friendly. Lord, you know I would prefer never to have to succumb to the stress of a new friendship Yes! stress because it’s a foundation that’s been laid down so many times, I wish I could be on the other end and not care.

However you keep saying that you would like me to….
So in that case my loyalty is with your plan.

Like Jesus not my will but your’s let it be done in Jesus Name.

Just thinking about Jesus he had 12 friends many followers and many acquaintances in the outer courts but He only had 3 which entered the inner courts. Now the holies of holies had 1 Reservation.

Dimensions of Friendship
Dimensions of Worship
Holies of holies


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