Fill Me Up Lord! By Kim Walker

Beautiful Expression

Singing: “You provide the fire and I will provide the sacrifice; You provide the Spirit & I will open up inside.

Fill me up God,
Fill me up God, Fill me up God, Fill me up God, Fill me up God, Fill me up God, Fill me up God,
Fill me up!!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!! Yeah!!!

Love of God overflow pearly gates on my souls. Love of God overflow pearly gates on my soul. Love of God overflow pearly gates on my soul.
Fill me up God, Fill me up God,
Fill me up God, Fill me up God, Fill me up God, Fill me up!!!!”

When I first heard the Song I thought to myself wow! What a beautiful expression of Love from a Worshipper. My spiritual father Apostle Edward G Brinson at Redeeming Word Christian Center International always says that “anyone can praise God, but not all can worship God.”
I pray that those that visit or read my ramblings will experience the true love of God through worship.

You see you loose track of time when you allow yourself to let go and let God, but it doesn’t matter because we serve the father of time. There is everything we need in His presence, love, joy, peace, wisdom and favor all that you could ever need. Just take the time out everyday to go places in God only few will ever really go.

I remember not too long ago, I was far from Him & the experiences that I was going through kept me out of His presence, by choice mind you.

And as I was reminiscing on how it used to be I heard “Secret Place” and it made me stop in my tracks and say Yes! Lord. You see there is no place like it and it’s addictive which makes you want more and more and more.

Psalm 91
Gives us a inkling about it and encourages you to spend time in the secret place, while patriarchs like Job say I esteem your word more than my necessary food. Which all worshippers know that in order to truly worship God you have to stay in repentance mode, wash in the Word daily and make forgiveness your lifestyle.

You see I never knew how much God loves worship until I heard Bishop TD Jakes teaching on Worship. The message was based on King Hezekiah: how He was sick & about to die. The Prophet just told Him every detail, So He put his face toward the wall and worshiped The Living God. Now the awesome God we serve made the sun stand still while giving Him 15 more years added to His life.

Worship is important to God, if you try to hinder their worship He will deal with the enemy for You! Look at Israel when they were in Egypt their enemies were dealt with after much hardship, God heard their cry. Look at Daniel, the Lions Den and Mordecai in the book of Esther. Etc.

If you are:
Sick in your body worship
Stressed worship
Broken hearted worship
Feel lonely worship
Broke worship
Tired worship
Divorced worship
Happy worship
Unemployed worship
Single worship

You get the drift whatever the problem is ::Worship God::

Psalm 100
Tells you how to enter his presence.
It’s ok to shed tears they are interpreted by God and put in His jar. The waving of your hand is interpreted, the going forth in a dance like David is acceptable. David was King and tore off his clothes in worship, and God made His wife (Micah) barren due to her criticism on how much or how hard David worshiped. Because of His status, she thought it was unseemly for a King but God didn’t He loved it, in fact He sat in the midst of David’s worship and threw blessings upon David.

On lookers better beware while judging another’s praise and worship. You see it’s not what we do it’s how we do it, love is expressed in many different ways but when your intimate with God through worship, it’s like you are washing His feet with your tears and kissing the King all at once.

How can we justify not worshiping the King?

He died for us and never charged it to our account, he loves us unconditionally while Blessing us daily.

Even Jesus told the disciples you are like sleeping dogs by the fire because you sleep away your problems. Verses praying about them, cast your cares on Him for He cares for you.

Dear Lord
Draw me and my Inkster’s by your spirit. Allow them to focus on you during worship & not allowing the enemy to steal the time that they spend with you. Refresh them and release them of all perceived notions about prayer and worship. Give them Wisdom and Bless them exceedingly and abundantly in Jesus Name Amen!!!

My Pastor’s teaching made me correct a few things. God doesn’t love us anymore or less when we don’t or do do something. His love towards us is extravagant because He is Love. The fact remains we are loved by Him unconditionally, but the blessings we receive are conditional.

I do believe that our worship gets His attention and He sits in the middle of it ready to bless us.

Thank you Lord



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