A Good Day!

Today was a good day! Filled with good, no strife, no hate-ration just me listening to music while looking for a job. Lord, I want my own business something where I can be a blessing to others without pushing my services on them, but let it be something they would need.

Favor just ain’t fair and I am sure expecting to see favor & un-presidented increase once all my ducks are in a row. Man, I know I have had some blessing blockers in my life and it’s time for them to exit stage left. Me and my children want nothing but you to invade our hearts and minds. No matter how much they belly ache and whine invade their very hearts, Lord Jesus.

God, I hear you say that we must seek you with all our hearts and minds and so forth, but sometimes I wonder if I even know how to do it.
If I know how to put down everything and serve you, look what I allowed the enemy to do to me and I still haven’t sought you according to my all.

I guess, like your word says, start by putting your Word first in every situation and I will see more of you appearing in my everyday life. Is what I am assuming that means, which is something that I truly desire to do this year as I continue to move forward.

It just seems like my un-renewed mind cries out so much louder than the renewed part of me. Help! Me Jesus

Seek ye first & the Kingdom of God and all of His Righteousness and all the things that the gentile seek will be added unto you.





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