Weapons of Mass Destruction 2



Most but not all of us have received darts from the enemy in the form of words. Whether they are true or not is beside the point, when we are attacked in that way you feel violated. And God knows it takes Heaven & Earth to stop you from defending yourself from such weapons of mass destruction.

I call them that because depending on who is the hearer a multiplication of said facts can destroy a reputation while adding insult to injury.

Oh! How I may defend myself? Speak well of them, now not so. Did you hear the words coming out of their mouths. (Said in my Chris Tucker Voice) In regards to me, smh confused but I will be obedient to Matthew 5:44.

Bless! those that curse you

Bless to speak well of, esteem, honor and praise them.
Lord it ain’t fair but I will do it for the wilderness is tired of me.

Speak well of praise them, edifying them, love them, encourage and PRAY for them. Not stopping at just prayer but when asked about the lovely ones build them up.

But Lord isn’t that lying? Lol nope speak those things that be not as though they were.



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