Not a mumbling Word




Asking from others for a sacrifice that you are not willing to do for yourself.

Don’t wanna judge? But you judge. Don’t wanna be talked about but yet you have a feast daily at the expense of others.
Words of unkindness flow from your lips while providing a mixture of what is unholy and clean. White washed tombs speaking from the same tainted spout that they praise Him with while presenting idols for hirer. Yes! For hirer because it’s a daily job as proverbs says a plotting evil heart who runs to execute evil on others. Daggers for teeth, cutting and slicing, releasing demonic forces, using the same instrument to perform holy duties while sacrificing to idols. Not building up or edifying because they daily sacrifice to their gods.

Hypocritical illusions, fierce debates and established prison houses are costly, never humble enough to shut up!
Applying the Wisdom of God in this area is only for show, or out of short spurts of convenience. Applying righteousness is far from who you are. Building up, edifying or living for the increase and success of others is not in your plan of maturity. Gods love for you is real but your love for Him is still well it’s still.

Whispers in corners and hidden delicacies of details that may or not be of any truth. Hidden behind smiles of love which really isn’t love at all. Speaking evil of the ones He made in His image, drinking tall glasses of evil while devising & executing such plans.

Take note

Passionate sacrifices are ones of which wisdom flows, building & constructing words of kindness released from holy lips. Edification through the Fruit of the spirit producing kind words, executed by Kings and Queens of a royal priest hood and a holy nation. A God Class

Action taken

They challenge the children of The Most High God, incompetent fools out to do evil while dragging restless feet to only do the will of their father. Who by no means is not up for the challenge of the blood that cry’s out night and day.

Gods plan and foundation is sure, firm, an impenetrable, a Rock. We love out of a love for Him, we serve out of a passion for Him, nothing, not any thing can separate us. No low-level devils disguised in a righteousness of God suit will hinder His plan or purpose for His own.

He fills us up with glory, living water and zeal. Never hidden, never taken out of His hand. Never left alone but in the name of God we will lift up the banner of Matthew 5:44 & Psalm 91. As our blue print for a course of action.

Rest in his love not the words of others.

Oh! We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers in high and wicked places.



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