Negative Eyes

I am praying for those people who only see the negative in you. They never say anything positive to others about you. I don’t need those type of people in my life, we all have faults and God is working on us all but why sit there and judge another pointing out another’s faults.
You could bless them all day and give them your heart through service, pray for them and they will still turn around like a pig & feed you there slop. I can’t remain in chains to people, I refuse to acknowledge another’s distaste for me, especially when I have done them no wrong only good.

It’s back to Matthew 5:44

But I say unto you Love your enemies, Bless those that curse you, Do good to those that hate you and Pray for those that spitefully use you and persecute you.

Man people are just hateful just to be hateful.

Learn how to speak to people, I am daily being perfected just like you and I am not gonna succumb to being spoken to in an intolerant way. All fall short of the glory of God, no one is perfect, no one is above being found at fault in the word so I take a back seat to strife and being filled with anxiety.

Father help comes from you and I know you say silence speaks volumes so mine will do just that Speak!!! Moreover you said that those that love to talk will be judged based on their words, they shall eat the fruit thereof. Holy Spirit put a guard over my mouth and instruct me in His ways, bringing back to memory the Word.

In Jesus name amen!


Only go where you are celebrated
Only surround yourself with people who see Gods potential in you.


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