Order Whats on The Menu

Went to church today and found myself smack dab in the glory!!!! But my focus today is how you can get the teachings on a weekly basis and in your private study time and not take God at His Word?

Fear stagnates us to the point of no action and we all know that Faith with out works is dead. The potter molds us and gives us direction but we are to believe what’s on the Menu . Yes! Menu.

The Bible is the Menu and the items is the Word. When you take an item and claim it as your own: healing, prosperity, love, joy and work the word. You have just ordered off the menu and manifestation takes place . Which is great but God wants to take us past the manifestation of our prayers, He is bigger than that. He said he will do exceedingly, abundantly (no end), above all we can ask or think.

If I remember rightly we ask in prayer so therefore we should be believing for greater manifestation than our immediate needs.

Jesus always brought up great faith as the bar as to which we should aspire. So knowing the love of God and applying it and anything else ordered on the menu we should have great expectation this year.

Move forward in the things of God and challenge your thinking with the renewing of your mind which is where all great faith starts.


Dear father,
I am guilty of never ordering off the menu so I ask you to forgive me. I shall take you at your Word by taking the dreams and visions and applying the Word to each one. Holy Spirit breath on me and every Word and Vision God has given me while allowing me to go through the process to birth each one because victory will be on the other side.

Order From The Menu 2014

In Jesus Name Amen!!!



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