Lazy Dog By The Fire

Message Bible
Matthew 26:36

My life starts and ends in prayer! (Faith talking)
My daily conversation with the father & is me asking Him, give me fortitude & wisdom Lord. So that I can do your will, I am not ashamed to ask you for anything anymore nor am I to proud. I am just your humble daughter looking for the First Light after the Sabbath which is able to conquer anything. For despite my short comings and indifference to the call you placed on My life. I stand repentant and with a tongue that extols you in your faithfulness. Awe! Inspiring God victorious in all You do, Heaven is your throne and the earth is your foot stool and You still love us and call us friends. My God!! Jesus called His disciples Brothers after they denied Him and ran away in His hour of sacrifice. He wanted them to agree in prayer but they slept on like a lot of us do. How can this be? But He is and will always be Loving toward us. Help us! Father to rise above & be the same thing for someone else not a Lazy Dog Sleeping By The Fire.

You will understand the title if you read the scripture in the Message Bible.



Dear Lord,
Help! Me not to be as my former brothers who slept as dogs who lay by the fire. Give us fortitude and grace to help in the time of need. Just like the Holy Spirit is for us, let me be that for someone else. Love is foundational and without it we are lost, so I thank you for a loving, giving and praying, heart full of meekness, mercy, wisdom and grace. A heart that is clean Lord.

In Jesus Name

Amen !!!!



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