Stop making it hard!!

I went to the house of faith as promised and found that I missed being around the people of God . You know the atmosphere was charged and there was excitement in the air. Flags waving , voices praising and dancers dancing, plus signers signing all on one accord as the praise team broke strong holds. What ever He had in store that serpent wasn’t thought about because we were all on one accord. As we held hands and prayed for one another, it’s like we were invincible able to conquer all fears and doubts. God was able to have is people forget about what was, what was going to be and focus only on the Now! Him. And as we stood on purple carpet with high ceilings trimmed in gold and purple faux covered walls. Jesus had entered the room and voices cried out as the atmosphere shift. Hope and mercy was in the air and if the truth were being told you was about to hear His voice. The ministry of the Word was about to be spoken, declared and released without compromise. Ready for the Word I took my seat and waited patiently as the scripture address was given. For some reason having my iPhone bible app is not the same as having my bible but in any case it’s better than not having anything. James 1:5 Wisdom can you believe it wisdom a much needed message because I am so lacking in that area. Ok! So I am awaiting the truth because all I need is the truth nothing sugar coated just give it to me. Note book open and pen in hand, iPhone in another, neighbors ready, I am ready and wisdom is going forth.

My spiritual Father (pastor) will break the word down in bite sizes pieces and feed it to you, while telling his testimony and giving you a little humor here and there. Wisdom is asked for and God never holds it back from us if we ask in faith. It’s needed but if we don’t ask for it we are in pride. And you know what happens when you in pride lol Pride comes before the fall. Yes! You wanna see your world crash be in pride. You might think your not in pride but you are if there is a deficiency in your life and you haven’t asked God about it.

Even Solomon asked for Wisdom to guide Gods people.

Jesus needed Wisdom in the garden before the cross.

Who are we to think as believers that we don’t need wisdom, I believe Gods name is Wisdom.

Wisdom- divine intervention into human affairs.

Poor- people overlooking opportunities repeatedly.

Are we poor because we lack wisdom?

What areas are you poor in?

James 1:5




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