Women don’t want to lead

God made us in His image and in His in likeness and He told Man to love His woman (wife) like His own temple. How is it that most men are like women they don’t view themselves as beautiful because their self esteem is low. I say that In order to love your wife as your own temple it is a great accomplishment. But once we see Jesus in you we know that you love us based on Him. The fact you love Him and are hearing from Him is a great comfort. See Women don’t want to be in the lead especially if she has taken the vows of Marriage. Men and women have a great responsibility to each other, build each other up, bless each other with prayers and to give to each other. When a woman is torn down by a man who she lays next to its like you sleeping with the enemy. We women love to be protected but at times are mouths can be like daggers. That’s why we have to learn to lean on the Holy Ghost who tells us to put the shut to the up. My opinions are just that my opinions, I am not married and I have never been married. But one thing I do know unfortunately is that I have experienced living with a man and due to our immaturity it was an epic failure. So for me it’s about forgetting the past and laying hold on to the future, waiting for that beautiful specimen God formed just for me.




Women don’t want to lead



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