To the only wise God

God who is like you?
Who makes me smile like you?
Your presence is good, overwhelming & unspeakable. If it wasn’t for you Lord I would perish. You love me with an enduring, unchanging love. You are to me an inheritance that I continue to cash in on, pleasure is at your right hand and love is your nature. Oh! If I was like you in nature how great that would be, but I will know you as I follow on to know. You formed me, the lands, everything in it, above it, beneath it and around it. How can I walk and act like you don’t exist? I am too Blessed to have you in My life as My protector, confidant, doctor, beginning and end. You included me in your plan when you didn’t have to. You blessed me coming in and going out while sacrificing everything for me. A person who wasn’t seeking you & who didn’t know you. Learn to do well is what you tell me and then you give me grace to do it. Eternal salvation is mine what a portion you have given me when I call upon your name who am I that you answer me. I know you are the best thing that ever happened to me, you are better than anything life has to offer. My hope and continual peace is in You. Worldly distractions are being left in the dust which You have created, for none of them can compare to the all consuming fire, Who’s name is Jehovah, Mighty God, everlasting Father who calls me His friend,

I can’t even write or form my lips without feeling overwhelmed about Jesus.. I know they are ONE but Jesus is so good and He is in a class by Himself. Jesus changed me from the inside out not even batting an eye lash at the sacrifice He was and He did it without saying a mumbling Word. He took on my Sins and turned them into the Father as payment for the debt I owed who can say anything against a God like this. Who can accuse Him of anything but Love, that He is and that He does.

I stand in awe of your presence and I am continually baffled at who you are and how much You are Love.

Thank you,
Lord Jesus



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