New Perspective

My worth is not in my looks but my worth is what’s on the inside. I count myself Blessed because I belong to God who loves me and has a great plan for me. He doesn’t count me out when I slip and fall. In fact His Love is overwhelming and I count Him a joy. In Him is the real true unadulterated love that can not be explained with any Words except JESUS! He is the evidence of His Love and commitment to Man.

To my sisters and brothers don’t let anyone tell you it’s too late to serve Him. Don’t let anyone tell you are not worthy that is not what the Lord says. He said to call upon Him while He is near and He will answer you. Just be sure to always use the name of Jesus for that gives you access. Relationships come and go but the Love Jesus has for us never fails, it is so powerful and unspeakable that everyone encounters it in a different way. Encounter yes! Encounter because when he fills you it’s an encounter that cannot be expressed with Words. I count myself highly favored, happy, fortunate and to be envied. Why? Because He told me so and I believe it therefore I come in agreement with whatever He Speaks. We should hang on every Word because it’s life not fiction which is found through enemies of the cross. We are persecuted by the unseen, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers and rulers in High and wicked places. Accusers of the brethren who live for strife and debate, counting your cross that you carry as being anything other than a temporary seasons of testing. But they want you to believe that they are permanent realities that will never change. However there is one that sits above who knows the cross that you carry and in it He has written GRACE….



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