Broken Pencils

I am recognizing that you know who people are by the way they treat you when they see you as beneath them and your at your lowest point. They figure you won’t and can’t do nothing for them so I will treat them like this or that. Your trials and situations will teach you who people are whether they are friend or foe. The devil disguises himself as an angel of light while being an evil tyrant coming to steal your joy. Guard your heart because He will have his workers test you every which way you turn and every where you go. Sometimes He will use your own heart to deceive you. Guard your heart through prayer, bible reading & repentance plus worship. But don’t let trials move you, pass each test with a smile while keeping your head up if you fail. Remember the test will be passed eventually, Pencils are sharpened and are not always broken, they may be stripped as they are sharpened but that’s part of the process. Some have erasers which can be used so you can start over, which is evident that we all make mistakes.

Be the Light

No longer moved by circumstances & situations because I know my future looks brighter with every slanderous lie, shame, loss and accusation. I have learned to persevere in prayer while diving into the basics of the Word. You know light always over powers darkness but not if you disconnect the light source. We are light bearers who must stay connected to our power source. Darkness cannot over power the light, light will dispel darkness for darkness cannot comprehend it. I love the light when darkness comes there is fear and torment, light brings truth & freedom. No matter how small the light it brings clarity and warmth. We are light bearers the ones who bring clarity, warmth, truth and joy to situations. Called to dispel darkness while being the sharpest pencil in the box is not an easy feet, but with Jesus I can do all things. He said “we would do greater things” than He did, “run and not be weary walk and not faint” Are his words not mine, but I do come in agreement with Him always.


Dear Lord
Thank you for allowing us to be your light and for allowing us to shine in a dark world. The Love that you gave is not a condition it’s a reason to shine just as Jesus shined for us. Your Love will never leave us alone in fact your Love keeps us warm in dark places. So I will shine your love brightly and let it dispel darkness around me.

In Jesus name,

Where is my pencil sharpener lol
Excuse my lame analogies.



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