Make the decision

My strength is in my forgiveness of the offense therefore it puts me in the drivers seat. Emotions should not be running me I should be running it. While you are forgiving your emotions will try to keep you in offense. Up root bitterness, anger and unforgiveness by Standing in the place and authority of FORGIVENeSS by speaking to your emotions. Emotions will lead you into a poverty of spirit if you allow the waste. Jesus is a great example of a Great forgiver and Gomer forgave his wife for much as you forgive you will be named among the great. You will never feel forgiven until you forgive. God forgives the GUILTY so who are you not to forgive.

You will never feel like you are forgiven, because it’s not an emotion or feeling it’s a decision.

Singing: I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back, no turning back.



If you need for them to apologize you have not forgiven


7 thoughts on “Make the decision

    • Yes it was a Bishop TD Jakes teaching my notes from it so I would never take the credit glad you enjoyed it. I knew someone else needed it it’s on you tube u can watch the two part message favor ain’t fair.

      • Wow! U should have added me sooner so I could follow your blog thank you for the nomination. I am humbled I will follow up on it once I get to a PC I use my iPhone for quick posts but not for stuff like that. Ty your the first to nominate me I am truly honored God Bless You!

      • God bless you too. I really love that you are dedicated to posting almost every day. Thanks for keeping the great content coming. It’s very encouraging.

  1. I try to and lately I have been doubling sometimes tripling but I just speak from my heart I have another blog called A Rare Diamond letters to my soon to be husband I have not met yet lol it helps me when I am lonely in that department

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