Faith 2 Forgive


Learn how to throw off Offense especially since it determines if you will increase. The bigger the blessing the bigger the offense. Your blockage comes out in speech. Anger is a gift it protects your life just don’t sin. (Righteous indignation) unsaid stuff will not go away embrace it. Blessed are the pure in heart you will see God, in your life. Remember that the more you dispel waste bitterness, unforgiveness and anger which left unconfronted will turn toxic. Mature in the area of conflict resolution, apostolic gifts and immature social ability. Forgiveness and faith go hand in hand, stop having faith in the offender have faith in no weapon formed against you. No weapon of offense no weapon of malice or discontentment. Offense has roots, dig up the roots and ask yourself is the roots more important than the blessing. Roots are suspicion,, bitterness , anger and resentment. Deal with the roots because attach to it is arthritis, diabeties and hypertension. Mercy should be your last name keep your tongue from people. Unforgiveness is a noose for your own neck. You offend God all the time. Jesus forgave on the cross who are you to hang on stuff? Toxic waste or behavior is canceling out my blessings, let it go!!!!! Release, let go and let God. Unclog your heart by walking in forgiveness for it is a gift you give yourself. Because you can’t afford the price or energy of unforgiveness, it’s a blessing blocker. Cut the cord of offense by getting it right with the Father, forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision. Locate yourself are you doing it or hold on to it! All the fruits of the roots of unforgiveness is plucked up by you getting control in the area through prayer. The thermostats is controlled by me when I walk in forgiveness and the tree of unforgiveness which is my emotions which is controlled by a decision. Resist the temptation by making the descion, when you first forgive you have to take authority over your emotions and speak to your emotions bring it into the obediance of Christ. You will NEver feel forgiven until YOu FoRGive. God forgives the GUILTY…..Do You?

Notes from Bishop TD Jakes


I took these notes like I always do when I am listening to good teaching. I needed the lesson on forgiveness and thought I would share what I learned be blessed.

Ref scripture : Luke 1:17


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