Ms.Tishna G. Brinson

Chief Visionary Officer


Tishna G Brinson, a native of the beautiful island of the Bahamas, completed her early education in Jamaica, WI. Ms. Brinson has resided in the United States for nearly twenty years and is a proud mother of four beautiful and talented girls (“The Gift”).

Ms. Brinson quickly discovered her passion for real estate and became the successful pioneer for five title companies including her own. As a result of life transitions and the current economic recession, Ms. Brinson realized “The Gift” within herself as an entrepreneur and a deep desire to develop other entrepreneurs to fulfill their purpose and potential in accordance with their unique vision and dreams.

As a Life strategist and CEO of TG LifeStyle Enterprises, Ms. Brinson is looking forward to building a million dollar corporation of multiple stream businesses. Her devotion and commitment to helping and partnering with extraordinary entrepreneurs, leaders is evident through personal and professional development and economic empowerment.

Ms. Brinson is also the President of the South Florida chapter of Women Entrepreneurs of America and she Broadcasts Live on MTAM Radio. Where she hosts her daily segment Kingdom LifeStyle & plays international music genres: American R&B, Big Band, Latin, Hip Hop, Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Rake & Scrape and Jazz.

If you have any questions or you would like to contact LSTG, please follow her on Facebook and Twitter or contact her by emailing


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