FEAR>>>> or Not To Fear

As the deer pant-eh for the water so my soul longeth after you…

I need the Lord I need thee…

Do you think its is of God to be instructed by fear?

I say no only because Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real

He said He has not given us a spirit of fear but of Love, power and of a sound mind.

Love is our instructor, not fear if my loved one wants to instruct me by giving me a lesson attached to fear is that of God?

I say no! what do you say?

Now of course above all else there is reverential fear for the Most High EL Elyon but that is fear which displays itself in Honor, But other than that fear is not our instructor.


2 thoughts on “FEAR>>>> or Not To Fear

  1. I love the art work!! May we thirst after Him!

    Isn’t it amazing how the artist used her talent to depict what I think of when I say my ‘soul longs for Him as a deer panteth’. I love how very diverse we are but how we can each use our gifts and talents to glorify God:)

    Blessings my sister and may your new year be a new season in God!

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