Take A Good Look

Today, while going through the security check point I sat and watched everyone moving like robots unclothing and preparing to go through the scanner. As I watched, I noticed all of these women clothed so pretty with shoes and accessories to match their outfit perfectly. They looked perfect on the outside. but then they took those boots off and almost every single one of them had crazy stuff on their feet, mismatched socks, holy socks;) and the Lord spoke to my spirit and said,” This is why you never compare yourself to others, On the outside they look perfect, but you never see what’s hidden, the confusion and chaos really going on inside their soul and you don’t see the holes in their socks.
Wow! I remember as a teenager having several crushes on you know so called stars. I could tell you their names but even though they don’t know me and I don’t know them it wouldn’t be right, because no one is perfect. I remember having crushes on certain guys in the media and wishing I was certain female entertainer, having word up magazine pictures all over my wall and basically idolizing them. Now that I am older, I see these same individuals through different eyes because many of them are not and don’t look like they did back then. I mean their features are the same their music is the same but as far as their life’s with or with out Christ they don’t appear to me as the same people. That’s why the Bible says man is fickle in His judgement of you but Christ the King never changes His opinion of you.   
Thank you! Lord for being who you are,

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