A Love Letter To The (Stolen Voices) The Incarcerated

Dear Stolen Voice,
I am truly sorry for the hurt that I have allowed to go on in my presence. I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but if by any chance I passed by you in grocery stores, hospitals, beauty salons or any other places, and I failed to notice your ques. I do apologize, I am sorry for the time that you have been incarcerated in (prison houses), stolen and traumatized. Sorry for the senseless acts that has brought you to this point. I pray that all time is restored and that the angels who you come in contact with, will notice your grief & ques. I to am ashamed of our country who allows such acts to exist, and repeatedly go on. We can’t go anywhere without fancy cars, cell phones, I pads and so many other distractions. People you know or don’t know right across the street are locked up against there will. Who is your neighbor? Who is the little girl or boy going hungry? Do you even know or even care?

For every Stolen Voice:

  • Every Maid (that is never paid) locked up against her will
  • Every Child (that had their innocence taken away) locked up against their will.
  • Every Man (that has been incarcerated wrongfully and without just cause) locked up against their will.


Not that my mere words can take away the pain or sting, or time lost, But I do care. And I do know a God who cares & is mighty and true, who will prove faithful and is a restorer of time. I declare and degree that the hand of the enemy is bound in the mighty name of Jesus, that the door of satan be shut forever and that the name of Jesus be glorified in every city, state and continent in Jesus name amen.  If you do take the time to read this please watch a movie called I AM SLAVE its on You tube and you will see what I mean.



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