Maya Angelou Friend

The world has lost a friend. A giant has fallen. Nelson Mandela was a friend of mine; we first met in Egypt in 1961. I was present at his inauguration in Pretoria, South Africa. We met in the United States whenever he was visiting. I know that he had great courage and great love, enough courage to tell a friend when he or she was wrong and enough courage to love them even if they were wrong. He had the ability to forgive the apartheid guard that watched over him 27 years and invite him to his inauguration. I am grateful that we have had such a great teacher and a great friend.

One thought on “Maya Angelou Friend

  1. I called Him courageous yesterday in my blog post to honor Him, I had never met him. Maya Angelou was his friend and she called Him courageous and a mighty forgiver. Its just so weird that I wrote about His similar attributes and didn’t really know Him.

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