What place would you’d like to travel to…

4. What/Where is a place you’d like to travel to…

I normally answer by saying Europe, which is actually where I was born Nottingham England to be exact. But I would like to go on a tour of the United Sates, I mean why not the USA it is such a beautiful place and basically I would shop till I drop. You know burn a whole in my purse, I would actually want to take my Kids and create long lasting memories, why not? who is as deserving as them? They deserve to see Mount Rush Moore and all those great places.


4 thoughts on “What place would you’d like to travel to…

    • the powers that be do not, and we’re not really open to go there without special reasons or permission. yet. but we are getting closer. the cold war is over. we need to move forward. i have always wanted to be there to experience the culture – the music , the food, the art, the people, the feel of the the place. hopefully one day, before too long, i will have the chance firsthand. )

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