Nathan Hancock


We use that word a lot. It’s a very popular word, isn’t it? So many meanings, so many feelings attached to it, so many experiences. We think we know what it means but honestly it’s been distorted, misrepresented, and misunderstood. It’s been misused so much that perhaps we’ve lost sight of its true meaning.

Some refuse to accept where it comes from, while others act like they don’t need it, and others try to convince us that it’s just a basic function of the brain.

Pat Benetar said it’s a battlefield. John Lennon said it’s all you need. Fun. said you ought to let someone know it.

To be honest, it’s a word we’ve all thrown around in some glib reference to ice cream or a football team like it’s a word that’s interchangeable between products and people, and I’m not trying to knock that. But this word, ‘love.’…

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