Does It Really Matter ?


I see a pregnant person and automatically think that the ring is too small for all them babies? Like who says that? Maybe She is  happy and in LOVE with her pea sized ring and her ten ton belly lol. How many carats is justifiably ok ? I don’t know what you are thinking, but I am thinking it better be worth it.

We all know that love is patient and kind not grievous, all those things that we learn in Sunday school. We also know that children are a blessing and that to whom who has a quiver full is blessed and great is his reward. However no where in there does it say that the ring has to match the weight of responsiblity and neither does it say that we should compare a mans love by the ring size. Hmmm! What does come to mind is that if you can’t afford a bigger ring how can you afford all them kids? I don’t know I feel meddlesome today but I am thankful because if she knew I was blogging about her she would laugh with a devilish grin as most do when they feel they have some thing on you. She would look at my hand and say “at least he put a ring on it” So be happy with the pea size ring and the ten ton belly.


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